Which CV Should I Choose?

Which CV Should I Choose?

The start of a new CV starts with this question. Which CV should I choose? Classic, modern, funny or sleek. So many people, so many options. That is where the core and the answer lie, at least in part. So many people so many unique features and so many unique fitting ways of expressing who you are. Yet this is not a complete answer to the question which CV should I choose?

You yourself

You are you and if you would like to zoom in purely on what you want to say without frames of, for example, a resume, then a relevant and personal story will come out that tells who you are, what you do and how you did it. Some can do that easier than others, but with some help, everyone comes up with a good story. The one has a short story and the other a long story, one wants it in red and the other, you understand. Without frames, it goes in all directions. That is not necessarily wrong, but not yet thought out from a goal set by you personally and therefore perhaps less accurate. Still, every new CV to be created should start with a rough draft, in which you write down what you want to say without any restrictions.personal purpose.

The vacancy

If it is your goal to come to an interview for that one beautiful vacancy, then you can already edit the above rough draft of the text and focus on the question from the vacancy. A vacancy is nothing more than an extensive question for a potential candidate. They more or less describe the ideal candidate and ask you if you meet that. Or to what extent you meet this. With your letter and resume, you answer that question or questions. This is not just about the text that you write, but also the form in which you present it. The shape and care of your CV say a lot about who you are.

Adjust your resume

If you read the vacancy carefully, there are often catchwords that can indicate what kind of person they are looking for and perhaps it is already clear what kind of resume you should prepare for this. If the text states that they are looking for a tidy and representative person, then a classic CV that is neat and tidy can be the best choice. If the text shows that they are looking for innovative and smooth people, then perhaps a modern and creative resume. None of this gives a definite answer, but it is the things that add up. Make that puzzle.

The company and the industry

If you are still having problems with choosing the CV format, look at the site of the relevant company. Spit once in the texts on the site. Who are they and what culture prevails? Is it a formal company or not? It can all give you hints about what is and what is not appropriate and what is expected of you. This also applies to the industry. Maybe your industry demands nice and innovative resumes. I have spoken to a lot of marketing students about their resumes and almost all of them had a boring and standard resume. It is possible, but perhaps they expect that you can sell yourself, as your most important product ever, in your situation and industry. So take a look around and form your feelings about this.

Purpose of the CV

The purpose of your resume will often be to find a new job and provide people at a new company with information about you. Yes, but do you want to wait very confidently for work to come to you, only accept suitable work for you or do you want to actively apply for multiple vacancies at different companies. If you use it as an online profile, you have to think about which vacancies you exclude (consciously or not).

Strong own brand

If you have a strong own brand, people will find you for who you are. A CV that is written exactly on your body and does not take into account a multitude of vacancies then suits you. Are you looking for work and do you want to apply to various companies, then you want to appeal to a wider audience. In short, think about which CV you prepare and how you look at the world and they look at you. Even if you post a resume online, make sure that your online resume is general and not specific, because otherwise, you may exclude yourself from being found for other work and appear limited in search results. Be smart with this and make sure that the content and the form fit your personal goal.

The perfect CV

The perfect curriculum vitae does not exist. The CVs that we provide, put online or can be seen in another way are purely for inspiration. If we rewrite a resume, we ask you questions that zoom in on you and your situation to create a suitable resume a unique resume. If you receive a resume check from us, these are general comments unless you include a vacancy, because then we can already address your unique situation more specifically. I don’t want to say that you have to prepare a completely new CV for every application, because then something is not right, but adjust it. See if it still fits and meets the demand that the company asks in the vacancy.

Sterk personal brand

Maybe I should nuance my statement about the perfect CV. The perfect CV is fleeting. If you have written a resume that scores 100% and therefore meets the demands of the company, without losing yourself, you have a perfect resume for that moment. It has worked for that one time. At another company, it may work very differently. Even if you have a very strong personal brand, you will have to maintain your CV and perhaps adjust to how time deals with design and content requirements.
In short, stay yourself and answer the question: which CV should I choose? constantly again. Process the answer in a professional CV. Adapt this CV to the vacancy, your personal goal and/or the type of company/branch. Maintain it. Look at the ‘resume rules’ and trends, but stay with yourself. Nobody benefits from a perfect CV, but a candidate who does not match the vacancy.

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