What is a Resume or CV?

Looking for a job? Then you definitely need one thing: a resume. But what does CV actually mean?

Very official means curriculum vitae (cv) ‘life course’. In other words: the life path that you have already walked. And now to the point: in your CV you put your work experience and qualifications in a row. Together with personal information, such as hobbies and skills.

A recruiter often takes a quick look at your resume before reading your application letter. The purpose of a resume is, therefore, to give an employer a good overview of what you all have in your march. Do you have the right diploma for a job? Or the required work experience? Does your profile match the candidate they are looking for?

A recruiter reads it all from your resume (and cover letter).

But how do you create a resume? And what should be done in a resume? Or what is not? We have put it all together for you.

What should be done in a resume?

Time to make a resume. But what should be done in a resume and how do you set up a good resume? A resume contains the following components:

  • Contact details
  • Piece about yourself
  • Work experience
  • educations
  • Knowledge and skills
  • A CV with photo: yes or no?


Contact details

Before you put your contact details on your CV on autopilot, take a minute. Because this is a paragraph where you can already make a difference. Do you have your driving license? Put it there. Do you have your own website or online portfolio that is relevant to the job? Hoppa, on it. Are you applying for a creative job and is your Instagram account a piece of art? Do not forget to mention these.

Indispensable contact details are:

  • your first and last name
  • your address
  • Your date of birth
  • your telephone number
  • your e-mail address (preferably more representative than let me be your sunshine @msn.com )

Introduce yourself

A good way to make your CV stand out? Put a short, personal piece about yourself in it. It is a bit of work. Because how can you introduce yourself without having to copy your cover letter and use clichés? But this makes your resume more than just a piece of paper with what you can do.

In the resume examples, you will find an example of such a text.

Work experience

Slide an employer or recruiter a resume under his nose and where does he look at? To relevant work experience, of course. Do not fill your resume with all those jobs that lasted only two months. But put jobs that you have had more than just earning money. What the reader thinks: look, who is ready for this job. If you also briefly tell me about your duties and place the jobs in the order of today, for each relevant job, your resume is on point.

No work experience?

Do you have little or no work experience? There are certainly interesting or relevant projects and assignments that you have done at school. Tell us what kind of role you had in it and which properties came in handy. Do you volunteer? Then that is also good to mention.


Those years of labor in the school desks deserve a nice place on your resume. Put these again from the present to the past and start with your secondary school diploma. Do not forget to mention whether you have obtained the diploma. Have you done an interesting thesis, minor or extra study activities? Also, put these on.

Knowledge and skills

Putting knowledge and skills on your CV is certainly a good one. But do not forget general things, such as knowledge of Word. Everyone can. Make it distinctive. For example, name content management systems that you master or languages that come in handy for your future job.

CV with photo: yes or no?

Do you have a photo on your resume? No photo on your resume? We say: just do a resume with photo. A simple portrait photo made with daylight where you look straight into the camera and smiles is always good. Do you remember someone better when you have a face?


Dots on the i

Personal data? Check. Work experience? Check. The photo on your resume? Check. Ready to send your resume. Just look at the tips below before you do that, to make sure that your professional CV looks super tight.

  • Do not make your resume longer than two A4 pages.
  • Make a basic CV and adjust it every time on the job you are applying for. This way you create a perfect match with the function every time
  • Make your resume transparent and scannable. With subheadings, a logical sequence, and neat alignment
  • Put your name in the header of your resume. Especially useful for a recruiter who can find your CV so quickly.
  • Use a representative e-mail address.
  • Use hyperlinks in your resume. As a result, the recruiter or employer looks at your blog or social media channels sooner. Do not use an overload of links, but use a maximum of three.
  • Print your resume for the final check. You often see errors on paper faster than on your screen
  • Always have your resume checked by someone else. Four eyes see more than two.
  • Everything check? Save your CV as a PDF file. Because of this, nothing can change in the layout.


How do you create a resume?

With a good CV you are much more likely to be invited to a job interview. But how do you create a CV and how do you make a good CV? Can you stand out in the crowd with a CV and can you increase your chances of a job with a creative resume? Read on to get answers to these questions.  Cv example

Make free CV online

Are not you so handy with programs like Photoshop and InDesign? Or do you want to make little effort for a beautiful, creative CV? Then you can create a free CV online or use a free CV template.

Easily create a free CV online

Are you looking for a free CV template? Or do you want to make a free CV online quickly and easily? Then check the options below.

  • With the Entrepreneur Timeline Resume Builder, you can quickly and for free create a professional resume. How? Upload your existing CV or fill in the empty fields. Choose a layout. Download your resume for free and you are ready to apply. Check here our resume examples made with the Entrepreneur Timeline CV Builder.
  • With Canva you can choose a free online CV template with which you can create a not-to-be-missed CV. Just log in and you can get started.
  • Do you want to make a free creative CV? Click here to make a glossy of your resume.

You do not want to make these mistakes on your resume

On the internet, you will find plenty of tips and tricks about what should be in a resume. But what are the things you should not do when making a resume? Our Entrepreneur Timeline tells you below.

Jargon or abbreviations

“Important within my job was UGC. I also had to deal with CRM, EPC, SERM … “The recruiter probably has no idea what you are talking about. Therefore, try to avoid abbreviations and jargon. If you do not take the trouble to translate technical terms into intelligible text, then the recruiter does not.

To lie

You want to show yourself on your best side. Your cv here and there something thickens? It’s okay, but you know: recruiters are trained to get through it. So do not make literary fiction from your resume.

Infinitely long texts

Make your resume short and powerful. Ellen long texts with many vague words do not belong here. The most important thing is that the recruiter gets a good picture of the knowledge and experience you already have and the talent that you can still develop. So only write down the most important thing. A good CV is a maximum of two A4 pages. If you do not have much experience yet, then a CV of one A4 sheet is fine.

Do not respond to the vacancy text

The fact that the perfect candidate does not exist, knows every recruiter. But you can come close. How? By writing your CV in such a way that it matches the job you are applying for.

Emphasize in your resume the most important characteristics from the vacancy text. Does the vacancy state that you have to be stress-resistant? Then put work experience on your resume that shows that you are at your best in stressful situations. Do not you do this? Then you leave a unique opportunity to distinguish yourself.

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