Three tips to stand out with your online resume

Partly due to the crisis, you are not the only one currently looking for a job. At present, hundreds of resumes and letters are often received at the same time for every vacancy. The need to stand out positively is therefore of great importance. The CV is an important document for this. It is often the only thing (together with the application letter) that stands between you and a job. At the same time, many people still view the resume as a standard document in which the facts are summed up dry in a boring layout. The person behind the resume is then explained in the letter and this letter must ensure that the desired job is acquired. Do you also use this strategy? Then read the three tips below to make your online resume stand out.


The resume is more important than the letter of application.

In practice, application letters are often poor and sometimes not read at all. Recruiters first scan the online resume and then assess whether or not you are suitable for the job you are applying for. And that scanning often takes place at lightning speed, think of a few seconds . If you fall outside the boat after this scan, the chance that your letter will be read is minimal. The letter often only plays a role if you are deemed suitable for the job you are applying for. So always focus your attention on your online resume first and only then on the letter.


How do you stand out with your online resume?

Tip 1: add structure

As your resume is read very quickly, it is important that there is structure in your curriculum vitae . You create structure by creating text blocks and creating a clear heading for each block. It is wise to clearly distinguish this heading from the other text in terms of layout. Consider, for example, bold printed in a large font. You can also separate these text blocks from other text blocks by using a lot of white space. This reads pleasantly and makes your text clear. In addition, use short, active sentences that can be read quickly. And also think about clearly marking text blocks with graphic elements.


Tip 2: the content

Most resumes that we encounter when we perform a resume check or rewrite a resume  do not mention results and do not address competencies. However, these are pre-eminently two topics that allow you to distinguish yourself positively from others. Specifically achieved results say much more than just a list of tasks or responsibilities. Results are more tangible, have much more meaning for the reader and ensure that a potential employer becomes curious. Responsibilities only get meaning if you also tell what you have done with these responsibilities. In addition, you can distinguish yourself even further by a limited number of relevant competencies to explain and explain. Watch out that you do not make bullshit bingo from your online resume 😉


Tip 3: the appearance

Finally, the appearance of your CV is often more important than you think. An online resume with a professional, professional appearance gives that little bit extra that can ensure that you get through this first scan, after which your resume will actually be read and you may be invited for an interview. Make your cv maker personal and give it a professional look. You can download a professional resume template from us for this or you can create a professional resume with Word.


Good luck with your online resume and if there are more than three tips to get noticed with your resume, let us know via the comments below!


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