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Five things you should avoid on your Resume

On the labor market, it is currently war. A war between job seekers who respond to vacancies by hundreds, where only 1 can be the winner. To win this battle it is better to take a prepared battle. Being well-prepared means, in addition to a mentally positive ‘state of mind’ and being physically equipped, a professional and distinctive CV. In this article, I give you tips on five things you should avoid on your resume if you want to come out as the winner of this fight.

1 Generic is your enemy

A generic non-customized resume is wasted effort, you definitely want to avoid that on your resume. If you want your curriculum vitae to be read, you must ensure that it is relevant. And you turn a generic into a relevant CV by translating the requirements set in a vacancy into your specific situation. So always make a tailor-made CV by mirroring the words from the vacancy and linking this to your work experience, education and competencies. Be careful not to make it a bull-shit. (see 4 below)!

2 Hole without explanation

You want your curriculum vitae to look as good as possible and a period in which you have done ‘nothing’ is not right. In addition, it is likely to raise questions with recruiters and employers. It is best to briefly explain these hole (s). Be honest, objective, positive and above all to the point. For example, with voluntary resignation, you can indicate that you are ‘actively planning a new career by networking and following various career courses.’

3 Unclear structure & poor layout

Your curriculum vitae is initially scanned and not immediately fully read (and often it is not fully read at all). The pitfall of creating a resume is that you expect the reader to spend as much time reading your curriculum vitae as you put in while writing. That’s not true. Your resume will be scanned within a few seconds. And you make it easy for a reader to scan by applying a clear structure and a professional layout. You create structure by making use of clear headlines, a lot of whitespaces, a large font and to sum up all information in short sentences.

4 Bull shit competencies

Words like a team player, challenge, result-oriented and flexible have lost their meaning and you definitely want to avoid that on your resume. The reason for this is that almost everyone uses them without giving substance to them. The trick is, therefore, to explain and explain these competencies on the basis of practical examples. If you are result-oriented and do not mention results in your CV, you will not appear credible (and incredible is a competence that you would rather not have).

5 Vigilance

Finally, vagueness is a key sin in making a curriculum vitae that you want to avoid on your resume. A vague CV is not relevant. Be specific in the description of your work experience by not only discussing tasks and responsibilities, but also the results achieved. Tasks and responsibilities say nothing at all if you do not tell what you have done with this.

Good luck with your Resume!

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