Facts about Wikipedia you might not be aware of

Wikipedia is the fifth largest website and ranked as the fifth most visited website in the world as per Alexa. It has been visited every day, every second by a majority of the world population. Every month more than 200, 000 contributors volunteer every month to make Wikipedia a better place and more updated all through editing, translation, coding since all of the code is open sourced and there are several other ways to get involved. Moreover, Wikipedia has more than 300 language edition that is hardly observed with any other website.

Can Wikipedia be used as the source?

A ubiquitous question that many of the Wikipedia Page creators ask is can Wikipedia be cited as the direct source. The answer is simple and straightforward denial. Wikipedia is a resource that is impeccably taken advantage of when associated along with the other resources. However, like any other sources, Wikipedia can lead you to a better subject. Wikipedia encourages users and editors to follow the citations placed at the end of almost every article and cite these sources instead of mentioning the articles published on Wikipedia. So far if you still have to cite a Wikipedia article makes use of the permanent link that is placed on the sidebar at the extreme left on the desktop website, to give the users the same level of experience from the articles as you have done.

How trusted is Wikipedia if it’s a crowdsourced platform?

Since there is sharp criticism on Wikipedia and it is often reverted with incredibly quick response and almost all of the time within a matter of minutes, there are the artificial intelligence tools defined that assist editors in evaluating if the information is biased or not biased.

The common jargon of notability paid editing and conflict of interest

For the notability; The Wikipedia articles only permit notable topics, these are the things that have earned enough attention by counting on to the variety of reliable sources that are independent of any influences.

The conflict of interest; this interprets if you are strongly discouraged opposing to the editing pages related to things that are linked within some legit capacities that might involve people and organizations.

Editors hired against some remuneration  

Some editors get paid by editing the Wikipedia pages. However, Wikipedia doesn’t encourage any practices like this. If anyone gets the rewards for making edits or contributions, they will be focused on certain limitations and will be asked to disclose all the related information, such as fundraisers, employers, clients, etc.

Dealing with the content uploaded about you and your organization that you don’t like

First, you need to create an account so that your IP address is hidden and the editors can reach you and send notifications. Open discussion on the talk page and post your messages there; you might need to include a few things;

Citations and references from the independent and reliable sources that are correct for the updated information “{{Help me}},” these brackets you can flag your discussion for attention for the Wikipedia editors. Keep your point valid and prepared for the proposed changes.

What measures need to be taken if you like to create a new article about your organization?

Consider Wikipedia highly specific notability policy for the enterprise by searching for the “WP: ORGCRIT” in the search option. If you are notable enough, go through the FAQs carefully.  As you create the article of your organization it’s wholly discouraged, we might recommend that you need to stay till the Wikipedia editors generate the page and recognize you instead. So if you are determined, you must once go through the article wizard. Make sure that you don’t publicly disclose your relationship with the employer on any of your page and make confident the writing and edits you make are;

  • Covering the good and the bad of the organization background is neutral
  • The content is unique and original
  • It cites independent and reliable sources, particularly the ones that are established for the enterprise notability.


At the end you don’t need to be afraid to Last, don’t be scared to perfect the page that appears as the similar Wikipedia articles taking advantage of them for the ideas for what to add and how to place citations. Moreover, you can click on the history tab on any page to comprehend who has edited the page and what modifications are carried out. You can take advantages of these pages to asses and evaluate that every edit made on Wikipedia

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