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9 tips Of Resume Building from Entrepreneur Timeline

If you are applying for a job, a good resume is indispensable, recruiters look at this very first. They also decide very quickly on the basis of your CV whether you will be invited for an interview. That is why a good and modern online resume is very important. Entrepreneur Timeline gave his tips on how to create a perfectly modern resume. These 9  golden tips are as follows-

  1. Make your online resume personal. “Make sure that your resume clearly shows who you are. You don’t have to mention hobbies, but it is useful to put personal skills and competencies on your CV. ”
  2. Distinguish your resume in a visual way. “A recruiter receives multiple resumes per day, so it is unlikely that he will read from A to Z completely. In fact, a recruiter looks at your resume for an average of 6 to 8 seconds. That’s why you have to make sure you stand out! For example, by using color, putting a nice passport photo on it, using bullets, or other graphics to show your skills. ”
  3. Keep it short and simple. “It’s important to keep your resume short, not only because of the 6 to 8 seconds that the recruiter spends on average scanning it, but also to immediately make a good impression. A recruiter must feel like starting your CV and is more likely to be excited by a short and compact CV than by a six-sided CV. ”
  4. Bear in mind that your resume is viewed digitally. “Your resume is probably viewed on a computer, tablet or smartphone. That means that your resume is only visible for about two thirds. So make sure that the first shared is immediately catchy so that the recruiter wants to continue reading. The first section must, therefore, contain the most relevant information. “
  5. Name your personal information. “Make sure that your online resume contains at least your name, date of birth and place of residence. Your place of residence is important because recruiters also look at the distance between your place of residence and the company. But are you willing to relocate? Then put this on it! “
  6. Work experience always from top to bottom. “So: your most recent job should be at the top. This is probably also the most relevant for the position you are applying for. Make sure it is clear what your duties were and try to write it down so that it is also relevant for the position you are applying for.
  7. Make specific what you have to offer an employer. “Tell what you can add to an organization. Indicate what your performance or results were so that a recruiter can see what he is getting. Be proud of your achievements! ”
  8. Add a passport photo. “But only if you feel comfortable with it, it is not mandatory. If you do choose to add a photo, make sure it is a professional photo with a calm background, always look into the camera, and use a current photo. You must be recognizable. “
  9. Give soft skills a prominent place on your online resume. “Soft skills are your character traits that can come in handy when you perform a certain function. Think of analytical ability, sense of responsibility, being able to network well, or being able to plan well.

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